Batman inspired Luxury Home “Wayne Residence”

Designs from the Dark Knight: Luxury home dubbed ‘The Wayne Manor’ has its own BAT CAVE that stores a dozen cars in a hidden underground garage.

  • A modern day Batcave has been added to a mansion in Melbourne
  • The car park was modeled on the Batcave from the film the Dark Knight
  • Architects hid the car park underneath a tennis court on the property
  • The residence is on a 2,500-metre-square block in the suburb of Toorak
  • An ascending staircase to the garage sits under the living-room floor
In the Melbourne suburb of Toorak, a modern day Batcave lies six metres below a mansion there.

Hidden below the 2500-square-metre property’s tennis court, a car park boasts tiled floors, LED-lit parking bays, mirrored walls and a lit ceiling, which is accessed by a ramped tunnel.
The entrance to the modern day Batcave uses hydraulic mechanisms, and completely hides the garage underneath a tennis court which takes up only a minute to open or close
But the homeowner’s condition was that his home’s original heritage quality and evident beauty must not be hampered. As a result, highly skilled architects decided to build an underground garage that looks very similar to the one seen in the movie. They excavated some portion of backyard tennis court to construct 12-car basement garage underneath.
This awe-inspiring house is indeed any Dark Knight fan’s dream home. Take a closer look at the property in the images given below.





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