California Sunset Strip Millioners Home

The vibe of the place makes us think a young wolf of Wall Street or a Start-up founder who’s hit it big! It’s the type of property that makes the world spin around you even more than usual and as soon as you see the pictures you’ll want it to be yours.Even the views from the garage are enough to get anyone laid but wait until you see the inside.The main living room is 2 stories tall offering breathtaking views of both the Los Angeles Basin & the ocean beyond.

The rest of the place is done with amazing attention to detail and these guys took care of everything to make sure the place comes as close as possible to perfection.We believe this is the type of place you’d like to own once you sell your company for a few million dollars. The vibe of the place is amazing and will surely motivate you to push even further.


Via Mccleandesign

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