Park Your Yacht In Front of Your Dream Home in Phuket, Thailand

    | Luxury Property World | The Royal Villas, an elite collection of five waterfront estates, are the only Villas in Phuket to feature private yacht berths. Situated at the foot of each waterfront estate, the berths accommodate yachts of up to 23 metres and benefit from Royal Phuket Marina’s full range of professional concierge and marina maintenance services. […]

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Mercedes-Benz Apartments Accelerate Luxury Living In London

Experience modern luxury beyond the roadway. Starting in autumn 2015 Mercedes-Benz brings its modern luxury design language to establish new benchmarks in the world of luxury-serviced apartments. The pilot project is called “Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser”. Established as a means to recreate the ambience, emotion and spaciousness of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, the brand will transfer […]

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